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Our Difference

Clients hire us when they are faced with real problems they want and need to solve.


If you are looking for a significant change that makes you rethink the values and practices which lead you to your current problems, we are your team.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients know "the why" behind Agile, Lean and Systems Thinking. This foundation allows us to work together to define pragmatic solutions.  Solutions that work for your people, in your environment, to increase your experimentation and delivery speed while embracing change.

We will help you discard your waterfall, plan-driven mentality, but we will not impose untailored best practice solutions upon you or use the latest techniques or tools just because they are cool or emerging.


Instead, we will understand your unique context, creatively craft unique, elegant, sustainable solutions, use what works, and discard what does not. Our experience from the front lines, insight and empathy allow us to rapidly understand your context and align with your goals.  We insist on offering sustainable solutions tailored to your unique combination of people and environment, rather than just “by the book” methods.

Fairhaven is uniquely qualified to support your initiatives.  Our core strength is our proven ability to provide a tailored solution which overcomes the challenging and unique nature of the work entailed in developing solutions with the incremental release and iterative work strategies embraced by Agile. 


Fairhaven brings to bear insights and techniques gleaned from our portfolio of 36 previous Agile transformation engagements across 7 industries, including numerous Fortune 100 clients, over the last 20 years.

"Gene was an inspiring leader, a great mentor, and I would treasure the opportunity to work with him again. He taught me agile methods before iterative development was cool, and our projects succeeded because of his leadership abilities. He was always firm, fair, and knew how to bring out the best in his developers. I owe much of my success today to what I learned while working with him."

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