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What We Do

We offer Business and IT Consulting Services across a wide range of disciplines, with key focus areas of Agile and Lean Transformation Coaching, Enterprise Agile Frameworks and Custom Training.

We help our clients transform to become nimble, reliable and efficient by empowering their teams with Agile, Lean and Systems Thinking fundamentals. 


nimble - quick and exact in movement and thoughts; able to adapt to changes quickly and easily with a sense of purpose [agile].


reliable - can be trusted because it works well or worthy of trust due to a history of providing consistent, sustained results [dependable].


efficient - operating quickly and effectively in a structured way; exhibiting a high ratio of output to input [sleek].


This transformation of empowering teams is not simply a vision, or a mission, it is so much more.  It’s a journey.  We have learned from experience that successful journeys require a sense of urgency, an ability to manage the change, and a desire to treat the transformation itself as an initiative.  If any of these three items are not present then success, if achieved, will be fleeting.  That is why each of our transformations start with our coaches pairing with you to ensure these are solidly in place at the start of our journey.


Our business model, operations, culture, staff profile and service offerings are all uniquely crafted with this philosophy in mind.

At Fairhaven Solutions, we provide customized onsite training programs to organizations who want to train people in the skills rarely taught in school.  We can provide instructor-led training, development of custom training packages, train-the-trainer programs, mentoring and coaching on a wide range of topics.


Our training programs are educational, while at the same time high energy, passionate and interactive. If you are looking for a high impact onsite training workshop based on real-world experiences, we can design a customized program just for you that fits your culture, environment and where you are on your Agile journey.  We have an extensive, ever-improving library of materials that can be quickly customized to align with your needs


Our training is flexible. We work to your schedule. Mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends; you choose the time.

"My company brought the Fairhaven team in to help us kickoff our agile scaling initiative. They were instrumental in helping us build momentum and get started on the right foot. Their vast knowledge, pragmatic approach and extensive experience around agile, lean, systems thinking, scaling initiatives and change implementation proved to be extremely helpful."

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